SDEP® SonoPath Diagnostic Efficiency Protocol Ultrasound Imaging Protocol

Educational Programs

SDEP® (Sonographic Diagnostic Efficiency Protocol) is an innovative standardization of the sonographic process to maximize the image sets of traditional and alternative approaches and facilitate in-house or telemed evaluation. This protocol is repeatable by any type of sonographer with a rapid learning curve of standard and high-end views as it's hallmark.

SonoPath offers 3-day hands-on labs personalized for each attendee to match each person with the right instructor based on their skillset and goals. This approach allows intermediate and advanced attendees to push the pace, while beginners can slow it down to absorb the fundamentals.
Verbal "boot camp" exercises and emergency simulations are utilized. All audio recordings of these sessions are provided to lab attendees for practice at home.
Post lab, virtual training and support services are available through SonoPath’s educational telemedicine™ services where attendees can work with SonoPath remotely to perfect their image sets.

All 3-day SDEP Labs are RACE certified for 22 CE credits.
Our educational Facility is located at  141 Main Street Andover, NJ 07821 (approx. 1-hour NW of NYC)

The SonoPath Experience...What Sets Us Apart.




Overview of SonoPath 

At SonoPath, we have a multi-pronged educational telemedicine™ approach. You can choose on-site training or attend a 3-day group training. When you leave, we’ll set you up to continue your training by sending your image sets directly to Dr. Eric Lindquist where he can help offer feedback/guidance to ensure you’re getting the proper views needed for full diagnostic efficiency™.

The 3-day labs include:

  • 1 full day of pathology lecture and
  • 2 day scanning lab 
  • Cost: $2150
Mini Labs
2-day lab only, and the cost is $1500.

2021 SDEP™ Schedule 

SDEP® Abdomen
When: February 5 - February 7, 2021
Where: Andover, NJ
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SDEP® Abdomen
When: April 23-25, 2021
Where: Andover, NJ
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SDEP® Abdomen

When: September 24 - 26, 2021
Where: Andover, NJ
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Ortho & Everything Else Lab
When: November 12-14, 2021
Where: Andover, NJ
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SDEP® Echo

When: March 26 - 28, 2021
Where: Andover, NJ

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SDEP® Abdomen
When: May 14-18, 2021
Where: Andover, NJ
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SDEP® Echo
When: October 15 - 17, 2021
Where: Andover, NJ
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Group of doctors at the vet with a cute dogOnsite Training Options

SonoPath can send an instructor to you! Learn in your environment, on your machine, with our on-site training.

General Protocol:

  • 2 days per system, either abdomen or echo if no experience
  • 1 day per system possible based on trainee experience
  • If there are 3 trainees per system, we recommend 3 days of training to make sure every trainee has enough scanning time.

Sample Onsite Training Schedule:

Day 1:
- Get your doctors thru the progression solidly
- Learn main knobology
- Bootcamp @ least 1-2x
- Learning probes (time permitting)

Day 2:
- Work on speed and efficiency; work on any ‘bad habits’ that may have formed over the week
- Knobology dialed in
- Extra views/trouble shooting  
- Bootcamp ~ 3x- Discuss learning curve, and all the benefits/additionals that your staff can take to make sure they continue to learn and grow with ultrasound 

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US hand close upSDEP® Certification

Certification for the SonoPath Diagnostic Efficiency Protocol (SDEP®) is awarded to 
sonographers (DVMs or Technicians) with the highest level of sonographic image capture skills (still and video) 
combined with the most diagnostically efficient manner of obtaining those images as defined
 by the SDEP® protocol, as well as the ability to verbalize key points of the SDEP® protocol.

Certification is offered in the SDEP® Abdomen and SDEP® ECHO; each is earned separately and has its own practical and written tests. This certification pertains strictly to scanning competence, not interpretation.

Scanning competence is defined as the ability to obtain the views necessary to provide for a 
diagnostic interpretation by a specialist, including the ability to recognize a pathology or 
abnormality and interrogate it appropriately. Learn more about our certification programs here. 

virtual support 300 x 273

Virtual Support

We're not your standard "turn and burn" telemedicine company. At SonoPath, we are supportive, personal, and focused on taking you to the next level. If you get home, and need further assistance, we are here for you!

QC Evaluation:

  • A brief instructional/educational voice memo or written email with no diagnostics. Designed for a quick refinement of technique when you are missing a few details.
  • For example - “kidneys are vertical, bring the tail of the probe cranial or go intercostal to flatten; you are missing complete adrenals because you are approaching them obliquely; refer to our No Adrenal Left Behind educational campaign for adrenal approaches”


  • 10-15 minute in-depth video of one of your scans with voiceover; detailed technique evaluation and recommendations.
  • Critique designed to give specific direction on improving scanning technique for those who are missing essential views completely or who need assistance in multiple areas of their scanning.
  • May be requested with or without a written diagnostic report. Good to do once monthly to ensure maintenance of and improvements to skills.