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Educational Telemedicine

SonoPath has a full team of boarded specialists available to interpret your Emergency cases, and offer 24-hour ROUTINE turn-around and 2-6 hour STATS.
Specialty's covered:
• Radiology (Ultrasound, X-ray, CT, MRI)
• Cardiology
• Internal Medicine
• Cytology  

We've highlighted a few of our specialists below.

Our high-quality reports include
an internal medicine approach
from our boarded specialists.

Each specialist spends the time to thoroughly review your case notes and history, then strives to educate you through comprehensive reporting:

🔹Thoroughly explaining their findings Including pathology markings on images

🔹Making themselves available for any questions

🔹Offering treatment recommendations

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Our Specialists

Our specialists are a collaboration of talented minds hand-picked by Dr. Eric Lindquist that reflect his same style and approach to veterinary medicine as a whole.

Each of our specialists have a folder outlining their specific areas of expertise and a selection of articles they have contributed to members. You will also find our specialists answering your tough questions on the interactive forums.

We've highlighted a few of our specialists.

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Eric Lindquist, DVM, DABVP, Cert. IVUSS
Eric Lindquist Headshot

Dr. Eric Lindquist was born and raised in Southern California where he completed his undergraduate degree in Zoology at Humbolt State University. After graduation, he ventured to Europe to attend Veterinary School at the University of Bologna in Italy. Returning to the United States upon completion, he received clinical experience as a general practitioner in California and Connecticut (1996-2001). He became a high-volume mobile clinical sonography specialist in New Jersey in 2001.

Dr. Lindquist boarded ABVP (Canine & Feline) in 2003 and re-certified in 2015. Founding in 2007, Lindquist currently leads a team of boarded specialists who provide Educational Teleconsultation™ Services. He also owns and manages three mobile ultrasound companies and lectures worldwide on clinical sonography.

Throughout his career, he’s interpreted more than 160,000 ultrasound cases between general practice, specialty mobile practice and telemedicine consultations. This heavy caseload, coupled with the ABVP medical specialty training, extensive in-house mentorship and external coursework has allowed him to develop an experience- and curiosity-based approach to veterinary clinical medicine that stimulates diagnostic efficiency. It’s a blend of European and North American research with practical based approaches to each and every case with a final focus on enhancing diagnostic efficiency.  

Nele Ondreka, DVM, Dr. Med. Vet., DipECVDI, Germany


Since successful completion of her training as a Specialist in Radiology, Dr. Ondreka is the head of Diagnostic Imaging and Senior lecturer in the Department of Veterinary Clinical Sciences, University of Giessen. In addition to her work in academia, she is also a frequent speaker at national and international conferences and CPD courses.

Dr. Ondreka services general and specialty practices as a teleradiology consultant, and a number of FCI registered kennel Clubs as a consultant for hip and elbow dysplasia.

My research focuses on advanced cross-sectional imaging modalities, kinematics of the spine, achondroplasia, hydrocephalus, and Chiari-like malformation.

Dr. Ondreka is enthusiastic about small part ultrasonography namely its application in the musculoskeletal system, peripheral nerves, neck, head, eye and more. and believes small part ultrasonography proves to be an up-to-date modality.  Dr. Ondreka is always pleased to contribute to literature and studies on this important and interesting topic.

Maggie Machen Lamy, DVM, DACVIM (Cardiology)


Dr. Machen Lamy earned a Bachelor’s Degree from the University of Utah before enrolling in veterinary school at the University of Florida.

She received her DVM in 2009, before completing a 1-year rotating internship at Red Bank Veterinary Hospital in New Jersey. She then pursued a 4-year residency in Cardiology at the University of Pennsylvania and received board certification in 2014.

Dr. Machen Lamy currently lives and works full time in private practice in South Florida. She spends her free time with her husband, 2 daughters, 2 dogs, pot-bellied pig and horse. 

Remo Lobetti BVSc, MMedVet, PhD, DECVIM

Veterinary Internal Medicine, South Africa

Graduated in 1987 with a BVSc degree. Spent the next 2 years in the Veterinary section of the South African Defence force. Was then in private practice for 2½ years at the Orange Grove Veterinary Hospital in Johannesburg. Joined the Department of Medicine, Faculty of Veterinary Science, University of Pretoria, as a senior lecturer in 1992 and promoted to associate professor in 1997. From 1997-2000 was Section Head of Small Animal Medicine at the Faculty. In 2001 moved to Bryanston Veterinary Hospital in Sandton as a specialist physician.  Dr Lobetti consults from his base in South Africa. 

In 1990 completed a BVSc (Hons), 1995 an MMedVet (Med) degree, and a PhD in 2005. In 1997 became a Diplomate of the European College of Veterinary Internal Medicine. Since 1995 has been registered with the South African Veterinary Council as a specialist physician. Has presented over 140 papers both locally and internationally and has published over 100 papers and 11 book chapters on diseases of dogs and cats and on research in canine babesiosis.

On the Editorial board of the journal South African Veterinary Medicine since 1997, editor of the 1998 South African Veterinary Association Congress Biennial Congress proceedings, and editor of the proceedings of a 1999 Canine Babesiosis and Ehrlichiosis Symposium. Was a member of the 1999 Iams Company Award Committee and has been the Scientific Editor for the 2006 and 2008 South African Para-Veterinary Congress as well as the Scientific Editor for the 2010 South African Para-Veterinary Congress and the 2011 World Veterinary Association Congress.

R. McKenzie Daniel, DVM, DABVP

mac_image_nov_2017-172x229Dr. Daniel worked in private practice after graduation from veterinary school. In 2008, he transitioned into full time emergency practice in the Atlanta, GA area.

From 2011-2014, Dr. Daniel began working for New Jersey Mobile Associates, a high volume mobile ultrasonography practice, in which he performed and interpreted 50-70 ultrasounds a week. 

Case Studies: 

Currently, Dr. Daniel and his wife, Dr. Lindsey Daniel, own and operate Mobile Veterinary Ultrasound, LLC ( which serves clients around Auburn AL and Columbus GA. 

In his free time, Dr. Daniel likes to spend time with his family, play golf, and root for the Auburn Tigers.

virtual support 300 x 273Virtual Support

We're not your standard "turn and burn" telemedicine company. At SonoPath, we are supportive, personal, and focused on taking you to the next level. If you get home, and need further assistance, we are here for you!

QC Evaluation:

  • A brief instructional/educational voice memo or written email with no diagnostics. Designed for a quick refinement of technique when you are missing a few details.
  • For example - “kidneys are vertical, bring the tail of the probe cranial or go intercostal to flatten; you are missing complete adrenals because you are approaching them obliquely; refer to our No Adrenal Left Behind educational campaign for adrenal approaches”


  • 10-15 minute in-depth video of one of your scans with voiceover; detailed technique evaluation and recommendations.
  • Critique designed to give specific direction on improving scanning technique for those who are missing essential views completely or who need assistance in multiple areas of their scanning.
  • May be requested with or without a written diagnostic report. Good to do once monthly to ensure maintenance of and improvements to skills.

Additional Services Provided by SonoPath


SonoPath offers an innovative approach to clinical ultrasound with a perfect blend of quality equipment, education, support, and telemedicine, and are the exclusive veterinary distributor for the Mindray Elite 8. 

Mindray Elite 8

Ultrasound Equipment Sales

Mindray Elite 8 is the best value ultrasound on the market; scalable imaging solution with tons of features for in-clinic or mobile use.

🔹 High Resolution (highest resolution and largest screen in this price range)
🔹 Optimal Workflow (Fast, and EASY!)
🔹 Flawless Veterinary Images –(large dogs to exotics 🐉)
🌟 5-Year full warranty included (covers machine and probe(s)😮
🌟 Unlimited support provided by clinical sonographers
🌟 The most comprehensive library of ultrasound education on the planet 🌎


SDEP™ Certification

US hand close upCertification for the SonoPath Diagnostic Efficiency Protocol (SDEP™) is awarded to 
sonographers (DVMs or Technicians) with the highest level of sonographic image capture skills (still and video) 
combined with the most diagnostically efficient manner of obtaining those images as defined
 by the SDEP™ protocol, as well as the ability to verbalize key points of the SDEP™ protocol.

Certification is offered in the SDEP™ Abdomen and SDEP™ ECHO; each is earned separately and has its own practical and written tests. This certification pertains strictly to scanning competence, not interpretation.

Scanning competence is defined as the ability to obtain the views necessary to provide for a 
diagnostic interpretation by a specialist, including the ability to recognize a pathology or 
abnormality and interrogate it appropriately. Learn more about our certification programs here. 

Onsite Training Options

Group of doctors at the vet with a cute dog

SonoPath can send an instructor to you! Learn in your environment, on your machine, with our on-site training.

General Protocol:

  • 2 days per system, either abdomen or echo if no experience
  • 1 day per system possible based on trainee experience
  • If there are 3 trainees per system, we recommend 3 days of training to make sure every trainee has enough scanning time.

Sample Onsite Training Schedule:

Day 1:
- Get your doctors thru the progression solidly
- Learn main knobology
- Bootcamp @ least 1-2x
- Learning probes (time permitting)

Day 2:
- Work on speed and efficiency; work on any ‘bad habits’ that may have formed over the week
- Knobology dialed in
- Extra views/troubleshooting  
- Bootcamp ~ 3x- Discuss learning curve and all the benefits/additionals that your staff can take to make sure they continue to learn and grow with ultrasound 

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