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SonoPath is a DVM owned, customer-centric company that serves a small community of veterinarians and technicians who share our passion for diagnostic efficiency, and value customer service.

We're highly focused on providing quality education, personalized support and encouragement to help our customers learn, grow, and provide the best patient care possible.

This core belief allows us to create lasting, meaningful relationships with our customers, who know they can count on us.

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Mobile Ultrasound - current openings

Job title: Veterinary Mobile Sonographer, CT technician, Client Support Associate

Please read Job description and requirements below.

Mobile Ultrasound - current openings

Job title: veterinary mobile sonographer, CT technician, client support associate


  • Minimum high school diploma, BS/BA/RDMS a plus.

  • Credentialed veterinary technician licensed in NJ (LVT, RVT or CVT) PREFERRED or license eligible; proof required OR Proof of RDMS licensure

  • Minimum 2 years experience working as an technician or assistant in a veterinary general or specialty practice

  • Own reliable vehicle required for mobile duties, proof of insurance

  • Flexibility to work irregular hours, sometimes long days on mobile, and occasional weekends for training labs (6-8 times per year), conferences

  • CV, cover letter and proof of licensure


  • Enjoys working effectively independently, whether on mobile or project related

  • Enjoys maintaining connectivity with a completely virtual team and develop the working relationships

  • Ability to multi task and accept interruptions and the unexpected in your day

  • Relishes a job that is not 9-5, is anything but routine,  and requires self-regulation 

  • Enjoys troubleshooting, new ideas and projects, and true challenges sometimes on a daily basis

  • Is able to pivot on a dime to deal with changes in the day’s schedule

Primary Duties/Services:
  • Veterinary sonographer services to the clients of the Company is a priority, including efficient and complete ultrasound examinations and diagnostic services such as FNA/cytology, centesis procedures, and effective transfer of diagnostic data to SonoPath telemedicine.

  • 5 days per workweek on mobile ultrasound; the particular days are regular and scheduled Monday through Friday .Workday length dependent on need, workflow, traffic and other factors but is expected to be at least 8 hours but can be 10-12 hours

  • Work in the SonoPath Imaging Center as needed, performing ultrasounds and CT procedures.
  • Marketing projects and promotional efforts as directed by the Managers and Marketing Director, including but not limited to marketing campaigns and projects assigned, lunch-n-learns, conferences requiring travel.

  • Technical support for mobile, telemedicine, and Mindray customers

  • Preparation for, Instruction and general assistance at SDEP training labs (6-8 times per year on weekends) is required

  • Possibility of on-site training, remote training, and on-site and virtual Elite 8 demos and on-boardings

  • Participation/assistance/completion of any projects/duties assigned to you specifically
  • Ultrasound machine prep/shipping when needed
  • Travel and instruction (at labs, on-site, conferences as an exhibitor) as required; travel, meals and lodging costs are paid by SonoPath
  • Achieve SDEP® Instructor Certification in both abdomen and echo

  • You must provide your own vehicle for mobile ultrasound duties and are responsible for all maintenance and proper insurance . SonoPath is not responsible for traffic violations or accidents. Company credit card provided for gasoline and mileage paid at the standard IRS rate.

  • You will maintain and operate all SonoPath equipment with extreme care and realize that optimally functional equipment is essential to business operations

  • Any other duties assigned


  • Devotion of your entire and exclusive business and professional time, attention, energy, skill and undivided loyalty to the business of SonoPath
  • Assist SonoPath clients and potential clients and other SonoPath employees, in a positive, ethical and professional manner.
  • Preservation for SonoPath the goodwill of vendors, clients, and others with whom SonoPath establishes business relationships with during your employment so as to advance the reputation of SonoPath
  • Meet the professional quality of standards required to fulfill the needs of SonoPath in a timely manner
  • Become familiar with and recommend SonoPath products and services, including mobile ultrasound, education, telemedicine services, and related products and professional services
  • Public endorsement of SonoPath features, education and business practices where such endorsement is appropriate
  • Connectivity with the team is essential; maintain access to telephone, email, text and case uploading during the workday, with the possibility of occasional late night needs due to emergency situations
  • Some weekend work is expected – telemedicine help, labs, conferences, on-site training, ultrasound machine troubleshooting

Please send resume/CV and references to

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We currently do not have any openings at this time. Please feel free to send a resume for consideration should a position open up in the future.

Send a resume to:




We currently do not have any openings at this time. Please feel free to send a resume for consideration should a position open up in the future.

Send a resume to: