Virtual Coaching from SonoPath for LIVE Virtual Attendee's

As part of our post-lab requirement for your CE credits as well as support for our LIVE Virtual lab attendee's, we provide you a FREE QCVM ($45 value) to help give you feedback and guidance on what you learned during the weekend. We ask that you submit your sample case within 2 weeks of your lab weekend.

About our QC Voice Memo:

We're not your standard "turn and burn" telemedicine company. At SonoPath, we are supportive, personal, and focused on taking you to the next level. When you have completed a LIVE Virtual weekend lab - we are here for you!

  • A brief instructional/educational voice memo or written email with no diagnostics. Designed for a quick refinement of technique when you are missing a few details.
  • For example - “kidneys are vertical, bring the tail of the probe cranial or go intercostal to flatten; you are missing complete adrenals because you are approaching them obliquely; refer to our No Adrenal Left Behind educational campaign for adrenal approaches” - click here for free access to No Adrenal Left Behind

You will receive a voice memo that is instructional only, no diagnostics 

Listen to a sample QC Voice Memo, click the microphone below.

QC Voice Memo


How to ordering a QC Voice Memo:

If you are current Telemedicine client and have an account:

STEP 1> Go to your SPA LOGIN 
STEP 2> Interpretation Type: Select ULTRASOUND
STEP 3> Ultrasound Type: Select QC Voice Memo with Technique Only
STEP 4> Specialist: will be QCVM - Technique Only
STEP 5> Request Type: Routine
STEP 6> Fill out the rest of the patient info
STEP 7> In NOTES TO SPECIALIST & BILLINGadd in box: Live Virtual Attendee – QCVM#1 

**If you do not have a telemedicine account with us, fill out the form below to get set up.

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