Join us for SDEP® 3-Day LIVE Virtual Lab Weekends

SonoPath offers a 3-day live virtual lab and all levels of scanners are invited to join. The virtual attendee’s will have their own dedicated instructor and virtual assistants ready to answer any questions while you are scanning along with your instructor from the comfort of your own facility. Virtual attendee’s will see the lectures in real time along with in-person attendee’s, at the Andover, NJ Education Facility.

Items included with your registration:

  • Free online access to SonoPath Education platform and a link specific to your course that includes SDEP® Progression instructional videos, SDEP® technique video's and much more to help you prepare for you lab weekend.
  • 22 RACE approved CE credits
  • Dedicated virtual wet lab instructor 
  • Live chat for all day Q&A
  • Scan along from the comfort of your own clinic
  • LIVE Virtual attendees need to prepare to provide one animal per day for your wet lab sessions (having a back up participant is helpful as well - since the wet labs are 3hrs), and it is recommended that you have an assistant with you to help with the animal participant if you are not working with a partner.

We provide your virtual instructor a list of the virtual attendee's and their skill set and goals (information provided through a pre-event survey), so that the instructor can pace the wet lab/scanning session appropriately.

Post lab, virtual training, and support services are available through SonoPath’s educational telemedicine™ services where attendees can work with SonoPath remotely to perfect their image sets.

Computer - live virtual

Pre-Lab helpful links to prepare for your LIVE Virtual Weekend 

If you have any questions on setting up a free telemedicine account, please email:

About SDEP®
SDEP® (Sonographic Diagnostic Efficiency Protocol) is an innovative standardization of the sonographic process to maximize the image sets of traditional and alternative approaches and facilitate in-house or telemed evaluation. This protocol is repeatable by any type of sonographer with a rapid learning curve of standard and high-end views as it's the hallmark. 


Learn together, save together!

We are offering a group discount for LIVE-virtual attendees from the same clinic with our "Partner-Up" package! See details when you click to register.